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At Fixeron we recognize that it is good to arrive for the weekend knowing that you will find your yacht cleaned and gleaming so that you can enjoy using, rather than tidying her. Also, that after a cruise or weekend aboard, you may prefer to leave us to pump the bilges, wash the bright work or even do the washing up!

The Boat Care Department at Fixeron offers a comprehensive range of yacht cleaning options, whether you are a berth holder requiring a regular cleaning service or a visitor wanting a one-off exterior wash-off, polish or interior yacht valet. If you would like to find out more or to arrange a tailored boat valeting package to suit your individual needs, please contact our customers help-desk to arrange a suitable time to meet or call to discuss your requirements.

Summer is short. Weekends are shorter. Enjoy the time on your boat!

We have been providing top-of-the-line, comprehensive boat and yacht detailing and shrink-wrapping services. So whether it’s as simple as a wash and wax, or as in-depth as fiberglass repair services and teak maintenance, you can be assured that we have the experience and professionalism to detail every inch of your boat or yacht.  Your investment is protected, and you do not have to spend your valuable free time working.


Double Coat Wax Protect your investment. Our double coat wax service protects your boat’s finish and surfaces. We start with a coat of premium cleaner wax, followed by a coat of premium paste polish. We then move into the cockpit, all vinyl is cleaned and dressed, hatches lifted and cleaned, exterior glass is cleaned, exterior carpets are lifted and vacuumed, isinglass is wiped down, and stainless and chrome are polished. To keep your boat in tiptop shape we do recommend this service be performed in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Wash Maintenance Once your boat has been waxed you will want to keep it looking its best. This can be accomplished by signing up for our wash maintenance service. We offer this service two ways, weekly and bi-weekly. This is a reoccurring scheduled service that appears on your crew leader’s schedule each week or every other week dependent upon which option you select. Our wash maintenance service includes a wash and chamois or your boat as well as a cockpit detail, which includes exterior glass cleaning, vinyl seats cleaned and dressed, exterior carpet vacuuming, hatches lifted and cleaned, and stainless and chrome wiped clean. Keep your boat looking good as new with our DOUBLE COAT WAX service.

Teak Refinishing Maintenance We all know that working on your teak can be backbreaking work. Save yourself the trouble and allow us to take care of it for you. We offer a variety of teak services, complete refinishing with Cetol or varnish, cleaning, oiling, and maintenance coats. Let us set up a teak refinish and maintenance program to keep your teak looking beautiful all season long. Keep your boat looking good as new with our DOUBLE COAT WAX service.

Dive Services Do not forget what you cannot see! Bottom growth diminishes speed and uses extra fuel. Left unchecked, barnacles can invade the gelcoat, leading to costly fiberglass repairs. To prevent these costly issues for arising, get your boat’s underside inspected and cleaned regularly. One time, monthly, and bi-monthly scheduling is available, but we recommend getting inspected at least twice a month. Recovery services also available on a case-by-case basis…for those keys that may have jumped overboard. Why not enhance your boat’s appearance with expert INTERIOR DETAILING & MAINTENANCE?

Striping Vinyl boot stripes and pinstripes are subject to UV, saltwater, and abrasion damage just to name a few. A scraped up, faded, or chipped stripe will unfortunately adversely affect the appearance of your boat. We are happy to, and have the ability to, help you resolve this problem by replacing your striping. We will come to your boat, remove the old stripes and replace with brand new. This is the perfect way to update your older color scheme. And give your boat that extra sheen and protection with our DOUBLE COAT WAX.

Isinglass TreatmentsDo not forget your isinglass. Our isinglass treatment will help preserve your isinglass, remove fine scratching, and remove yellowing thus making it easier to navigate your boat while improving the appearance. We have products safe for use on isinglass, strata glass, EZ2CY, and all other types of clear marine plastics. This service is also recommended three times during the season, just set it up with your WAX DETAIL schedule.

Machine Compounding This service is recommended for boats that have lost a bit of their shine or have mild oxidation. We offer one-step and two-step machine compounding dependent upon the severity of the problem. We begin by applying a mild abrasive compound with a high-speed buffer. And give your boat that extra sheen and protection with our DOUBLE COAT WAX.


Interior Detailing & Maintenance You probably spend a great deal of time in your boat’s cabin, let us make that a pleasant place to be. We offer interior cleaning in two levels, Interior General and Interior Detail. Our general cleaning is just that—we’ll wipe down your sinks and countertops, vacuum all carpets, clean glass and mirrors, clean the head, and wax the shower. Step up to interior detailing and receive the same service as the general, plus cleaning inside all cabinets and drawers, inside the microwave, inside of the oven, inside of the refrigerator, and every mini blind. And get your floors super clean with our CARPET/UPHOLSTERY STEAM CLEANING.

Seasonal MaintenanceThere are many benefits to setting up seasonal maintenance for your boat or yacht. Rather than wait until you discover a problem, you can curb the problem from happening in the first place. You’ll also receive the added benefits of discounted pricing, owing only one easy monthly payment, getting your boat’s services completed on time, constant surveillance of your boat, a higher resale value, and always having it clean…because you never know when the weather is going to be prime for going boating with friends or family.

Bilge & Engine Room Clean-up The dirtiest part of your boat no longer has to be that way. Your bilge and engine room is where most odors originate. Oil and fuel collect at the bottom. Stagnant water and any leaks from the head sit down there as well. Our crew will come in, remove any standing liquid, clean, and degrease all surfaces. Add an ODMO treatment for odor control to that and you will have a clean fresh bilge. ODMO works by encapsulating the source of the odor thus breaking it down leaving no odor behind. This service can be scheduled at any time, though we suggest it be set up with your WAXING or INTERIOR DETAILING.

Duct CleaningDuctwork can house a multitude of allergens, mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria or viruses that can infect the air you breath, creating an unhealthy environment. We utilize a Hepa filtered vacuum at one end of the duct that uses high pressure compressed air to break up the dust and contaminants, forcing them into the Hepa vacuum and preventing any of the dust and contaminants from entering your boat’s cabin. After the ducts are cleaned, move onto cleaning the coils, filters, and drip pan. All your vents are then washed by hand, leaving you with a sparkling clean HVAC system.

Carpet/Upholstery Steam CleaningDespite your best efforts, over time your boat’s carpets and upholstery will become soiled and require steam cleaning to look their best again. Fabrics and fibers can pick up and harbor odors as well. We travel to marinas in our service area to perform this service at your slip. You may also be interested in our MATTRESS & LIFE JACKET SANITIZING.

Mattress & Life Jacket SanitizingWhat you cannot see can be harmful. Over time your mattresses become full of dead skin cells and dust mites. Our Mattress Sanitizing service removes these impurities and allergens. We will start by using a high-power vacuum that actually draws the skin cells and dust mites out as deep as six inches. The next step is sanitization, which uses a specifically designed Ultraviolet roller. The entire surface area is sanitized, and an anti-allergen spray is applied to complete the service. If purchasing a used boat this service should not be overlooked.

Floor CareNot only can floors look shabby but they can harbor foul and harmful odors as well. Refinishing your floors will give your overall interior a fresh look. Our expert team will repair unwanted dents, nicks, scratches, and gouges utilizing dustless sanders and air polishing systems to help protect the air quality inside the boat while refinishing the floor to its original beauty. We can even change the look completely with a different finish if desired.  Small repairs can be done at your boat’s location or we will recommend one of several convenient marinas to bring your boat to for large projects. And get your whole boat sparkling clean with our DETAILED CLEANINGservice.

Solutions for Odor RemovalBoats are notorious for odors and they can come from many sources. Not only do they make your stay unpleasant (and often embarrassing with guests), but they also be harmful to your health. While you may think you know where they are originating, you may be surprised at some of the sources. We know where to look. We will come to you, inspect your boat from the bilge up, and develop a plan to clean up the odors by addressing the source—not just masking it.  And you can feel good knowing our solution will not create more problems. By utilizing only safe, “green” products and technology your odors are eliminated without harmful off gassing from toxic cleaning agents.