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Any business employing a carpenter will always look for quality and value. All the FIXERON carpenters are highly skilled, insured tradesmen who only deliver excellence. We provide a full carpentry service in Dubai and when you use us, we guarantee carpentry to be proud of.

Multi-Skilled Carpenters

There are two different types of carpenters, Rough Carpenters and Finish Carpenters. Both do different jobs and FIXERON employ carpenters covering all the skills required. Rough Carpenters work on larger building projects. Sometimes they deal in the framework of a new building and prepare, cut and assemble structures such as scaffolding, temporary supports, wooden structures, kitchen fitting and more. The FIXERON team are also experienced in cutting, joining and installation of structural items involved in your building. Finish carpenters build made-to-measure cabinetry; this could be furniture as well as internal wooden structures, window casing and can even include detail and ornate décor. Our interior designers and carpenters are so skilled that they can help you with design ideas as well, building to your specification so you can even request tailor-made carpentry if required. It’s our job to advise you on what will work for your needs so you can rely on our carpenters to listen to what you want and design something appropriate and bespoke.

Competitive Carpentry

Our quotes are always highly competitive and our carpentry team courteous, respectful and reliable, working hard to get your carpentry needs completed as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption to your business. The FIXERON carpenters always clean up their working area and endeavor to provide you with the best possible service. That’s what makes FIXERON stand out from the rest – we go above board to make sure you are thrilled with the service you receive, from start to finish.

The Carpentry We Provide

 Cabinets Units
 Cupboards Bookcases
 Kitchens Furniture
 Flooring Window Casing
 Timber Decking Wood Restoration
 Scaffolding Joinery
 Doors Shelving

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Does your carpentry team also treat dry rot or other wood problems?

We can certainly survey the wood in question and diagnose the problem. We may be able to rectify any damage but if not, we can organize and install wood replacement.

Do you guarantee and insure your carpentry work?

Yes, we cover all our work for up to Dh1000,000 public liability insurance. Our carpentry work is always guaranteed and on the rare occasion that there is a fault, we will rectify it immediately

How do I know what my project will look like at the end?

We work with you to design your project using drawings and the result should resemble the drawings.