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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpets in residents, offices and commercial buildings get dirty because they are high-traffic areas.Adverse weather also contributes to dirt-build-up and all busy businesses experience spillages and accidents.That is why it’s important to stay on top of your maintenance and get your carpets cleaned regularly so they look pristine.It’s also for health purposes too as dirty carpet harbors dust mites and allergens, contributing to asthma and other respiratory conditions.The FIXERON Carpet Cleaning service restores your carpets back to new and can even prolong their life.We use specialist products that are environmentally friendly, and we clean and freshen up your carpets for you, banishing nasty odors.Our carpet cleaning engineers are highly trained in dealing with staining and know how to remove even the toughest dirt and grease on every different type of carpet.


We also remove mold spores, pollen particles and other allergens that can cause you breathing difficulties and health problems. By thoroughly cleaning your rug we can give you a healthier environment and ensure that you can breathe easier. And we do it all with the most customer-friendly of services. We work with your schedule and ensure that our clients are satisfied every time. You will notice a difference when we are done, and you will love how your rug looks. Have a few rugs to clean? We offer a collection and delivery service for 3 or more rugs. Contact Fixeron Carpet cleaning team for all your professional rug cleaning needs. No one else gets your rugs cleaner.


We do not just clean carpets! No matter how old your rug is, what it is made of or how dirty it has become, we can handle it with care and rejuvenate it. We treat your rugs with exceptional care, ensuring that they are not damaged by harsh chemicals or rough cleaning measures. And not every rug is cleaned the same way. We understand that some kinds of rugs will require dry cleaning while others can be rinsed and cleaned with pressured water. We know how to get deep-rooted stains out and to remove dirt and debris that is embedded deep within your rug fibers. We can even perform spot stain removal to get rid of those particularly stubborn stains left behind by beverage spills and pets. You will be amazed at how clean and spotless your carpet looks after we are through. We do more than just get out stains and dirt.At Fixeron our professional rug cleaning services can make a huge difference in the way your rug looks, smells, and feels. We clean the rugs of all properties in Dubai areas.


Everybody loves their pets, but no one loves it when they have an accident on the carpet. Unfortunately, the carpets are some of the worst places for your pet to have an accident. Here at Fixeron, we provide pet stain removal in Dubai and the surrounding area.Pet stains can penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and make it very difficult to clean. It is important to clean the urine or other pet waste thoroughly. The odor needs to be fully neutralized since pets can smell the scent that is left behind and will want to return to the spot to do their ‘business’. If possible, try to clean up the urine as soon after it has been done. We also clean rugs which is often a hot spot for pet accidents.

Hours to Suit You& Your Business

We can visit your premises and conduct carpet cleaning outside of your business hours, overnight and even at weekends if you prefer.Because we use the best quality products, your carpets will dry out within just a couple of hours.We use specialist industrial sized machinery to administer the product and we steam carpets, so it looks as good as new.Our products also disinfect and soften, restoring color.

Tailor-Made Competitive Carpet Cleaning Quotes

When you call our customer helpdesk, we will come and visit your place of business to assess the area you want cleaned.We will then provide you with a tailor-made, competitive quote and give you an idea of how long the job will take.

Planned Scheduled Maintenance & Emergencies Covered

Our carpet cleaning service is available on a fixed contract too so you can choose a monthly clean, fortnightly clean or even schedule weekly appointments.It is often less expensive to organize a planned scheduled maintenance contract with us.However, we also provide one-off carpet cleaning jobs and we can get someone out to you within 24 hours for emergency carpet cleaning too.Rely on FIXERON to provide you with high quality carpet cleaning in Dubai, our team are all friendly, courteous, and reliable with extensive knowledge on how best to care for your carpets.You know you are always in competent hands with our service.

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Is there anything I can do to deal with a spillage on my carpet without calling you in?

The best thing to do is to soak up the spillage first, using a kitchen roll. Never rub it in. Use soapy water – no strong cleaning products as they might leave residue or even lift color. Sometimes, carpets are protected with stain-resistant product in which case some spillages can be easily removed.

When you clean my carpets, do I need to move the office furniture?

FIXERON will assess how much furniture needs to be moved and advise you whether there will be an extra charge.

Is there a possibility my carpet will shrink?

If carpet is fitted properly then our cleaning process should not shrink it. We will also test an area prior to cleaning. 

How confident are you that stains will be removed?

Generally, our carpet cleaners can remove any stains however it will also depend on the amount of staining and what it is, plus the type of carpet pile you have. Our staff are highly experienced in carpet cleaning and should assess how easy it will be to remove stains.