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We are specialists in all aspects of Building Maintenance and Facilities Management services for the Social Housing sector acrossDUBAI

Developing safer, smarter community!

Social housing solutions provided by FIXERON takes into consideration the diverse requirements of clients. Tenants want an organized repair facility from landlords. Landlords are looking to sustainable and affordable solutions to add value to their property; communities require housing facility and projects that mutually develop new work and facility opportunity in the community while leaseholders require financial transparency in dealing. FIXERON, with its years of expertise in developing better community understand how to serve clients, what to serve and how to mutually ensure improved solution!

Social housing is not just about providing sustainable solutions to manage house and premises. It includes the responsibility of managing the wellbeing of residents and communities. The task of developing a safer and improved community very much depends on the work and quality of living of its residents. A well-repaired and organized housing can assist in improving the quality of living. FIXERON works with clients to develop and maintain smarter and better quality housing facilities. For any sort of social housing facility service, you can call us!

Why Choose FIXERON?

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