Chlorination & Water Hygiene Compliance

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Chlorination & Water Hygiene Compliance

Do you know whether the water quality at your place of is healthy?Maintaining water hygiene in your building is very important for the wellbeing of your staff.At FIXERON we provide an extremely high-level chlorination and water hygiene compliance service which is specifically designed for commercial sectors.Following inspection, we test, clean, and rectify any problems.

Accredited Water Team

Many people forget that their water tanks are a breeding ground for microbial growth and so they should be cleaned regularly to make sure they are suitable for use.Proper chlorination is important because water tanks are notorious for E. coli, TVC, pseudomonas and enterococci.All of these are health hazards.

Additionally, regular scientific testing can prevent disease, disinfects any contaminated tanks, and descales.The FIXERON chlorination and water hygiene team are trained and certified enough to allowing them to work on potable water using specialist equipment.We use a system that delivers a consistent dose of chlorine so maintaining your water supply safely.Additionally, all water hygiene and chlorination work undertaken by FIXERON meets or exceeds PD855486:2015 which is a British Standard.

You know you are in competent hands.


Water chlorination is vital as it disinfects your water, but it must always be carried out by experts because there is a specific dosage required.The process involves carefully delivering managed levels of chlorine to your water system by trained engineers.The chlorine then disinfects your system through oxidation of micro-organisms so making it safe for storage and consumption.

Laboratory Testing

Once chlorination is complete, we get your water tested at a UKAS certified laboratory.Rest-assured we only work with reputable laboratories to analyses your water and we produce fast results.Once tested and compliant you have your peace of mind that your water system is clean and hygienic and we provide you with a chlorination certificate which contains full detail on chlorine level analysis.In cases of emergency the water team at FIXERON is available to provide high level support and we always guarantee our work.For fast, cost-effective and reliable water hygiene and chlorination compliance, FIXERON is the team you can trust to deliver outstanding results every time.

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What is a safe level of chlorine in drinking water?

Very low levels, up to 4mg per liter is safe and there will be no harmful effects on consumption.

Does chlorine change the flavor of water?

It can taste and smell slightly different to untreated water and it’s personal as to whether you like it or not. If you have a strong taste or smell you might have too much chlorine in your water so it’s wise to get it tested.

What health issues are associated with chlorine?

Small amounts of chlorine in water pose no harmful effects and prevents certain diseases. However, some people are more sensitive to chlorine than others and if you know you have a health concern it’s a good idea to seek medical advice.

Does chlorinated water affect plants or fish?

Chlorine is toxic to fish. It is not harmful to plants.