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Cleaning and maintaining an apartment, a villa, an office, or place of business to the highest standards is extremely important because it ensures the comfort of your family, staff, customers, and visitors in a pleasant environment. FIXERON offers a large range of contract cleaning services for every size business from a single room in an office building to large residential building, corporate buildings, hospitals, schools and more.

No job is too large or too small and whether you want regular, scheduled contract cleaning daily, once a week cleaning or periodic cleaning our team are all courteous, reliable, and meticulous at what they do.We also guarantee all of our cleaning staff are vetted and checked for added peace of mind.

Our competitively priced contract cleaning services include daily cleaning, carpet cleaning, stone and floor cleaning, window cleaning, document shredding and specialist cleaning.If you require cleaning as part of planned scheduled maintenance, we provide you with a regular team.

We pride ourselves on being the choice of many Dubai landlords, tenants,businesses, and every job is assigned an Account Manager giving you one point of contact.This guarantees the smooth running of all your cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Services We Offer

Daily Cleaning
We take care of all your general cleaning, supplying a team to visit your place of resident or business to dust, clean, hoover and polish your house or place of business.
Building Cleaning
We keep the common parts of your residential building, commercial building or factory looking spic and span. This includes your reception area, the lifts, lift lobbies, stairwells, steps, facades and more.
Coronavirus Deep Cleaning
We are specialists in coronavirus deep cleaning at all types of premises. If you have a suspected contamination and need to have your premises professionally deep cleaned, call us for assistance.
Carpet & Rug Cleaning
For ad hoc carpet or rug cleaning or regular deep cleaning we restore your carpet, so it looks as good as new, maintaining good hygiene standards at your place or business place.  
Upholstery& Sofa Cleaning
Upholstery cleaning is a mind-boggling position, and doing it appropriately takes proficient preparing and amazing assets. On the off chance that the work is not done appropriately, at that point the texture can get harmed or stains can be made lasting. Our accomplished upholstery cover cleaners guarantee that you get the most ideal outcomes.  
Jet Washing
Our jet washing service maintains the exterior areas of your building including stone, brickwork, paving, signage and more. It also removes graffiti and chewing gum.
Stone Floor Cleaning
Our team are excellent at restoring stone and tile floors, bringing back color, removing stains and even smoothing away light scratches so your floors look pristine.
Pest Control
When you have unwanted visitors, the FIXERON Pest Control team will get rid of them quickly, whether it is a wasps’ nest, rodents or other pests.
Washroom & Hygiene Services
It’s very important to keep your washroom areas clean and you can rely on FIXERON to provide high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, replenishing washroom items when they run out and making sure everything is in full working order.
Window Cleaning
No building is too large or too small and with high quality equipment FIXERON can tackle any windows using traditional methods, abseiling, elevated platforms, and ladders.
A/C Duct & Coil Cleaning
As a NADCA -National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association-member, each homeowner that chooses our service is guaranteed clear communication about the service, before and after. Our certification also means that all cleaners sent to your home will be licensed, bonded, and insured.
Kitchen Duct Cleaning
Over the last few years, local and state Fire Marshal inspectors have become more familiar with the NFPA 96 code requirements and are holding everyone to this standard. FIXERON provides a customized Kitchen Hood cleaning scheduled services based on your type of cooking.
Water Tank Cleaning
FIXERON are specialists in cleaning and maintaining household and commercial water tanks, repairing and resealing concrete water tanks. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every job we undertake.
Silo Cleaning
Silo cleaning is a maintenance job that calls for special cleaning techniques. Whether a silo holds flour, grains, coffee, or even bulk cement, eventually it will need to be cleaned.FIXERON are one of the specialists in this job.
Oil TankCleaning
FIXERON are specialist oil tank cleaning and Industrial tank cleaning service providers. Offering a wide range of solutions tailored to meet your Tank cleaning requirements. FIXERON have extensive experience in cleaning a variety of tanks and vessels, containing oils, fuels, and hazardous wastes.
VDU Cleaning
FIXERON offers you an excellent VDU Cleaning service, helping you maintain good health & safety at your place of work.
Janitorial Supplies
We can provide you with all your cleaning products and hygiene supplies from quality suppliers at exceptionally competitive prices.
Waste Removal & Recycling
We offer you a waste removal and recycling service which many businesses and landlords prefer to use instead of their regular bin collection. This makes sure that you get your waste removed when you want it rather than waiting for a weekly collection. We also recycle for your convenience.
Document Shredding
We can offer you confidential document shredding in a secure environment giving you peace of mind that sensitive information is disposed of carefully. We also recycle shredded paper following destruction.