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If you are a landlord, tenant or owner of a commercial property it’s your responsibility to make sure that the business premises are safe and well-maintained for your employees.According to the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 employers must identify and manage any risks in the workplace, landlords and tenants has to do the same for their places.Some of these risks relate to equipment and machinery, so it is comforting to know that FIXERON are the experts when it comes to compliance testing.

Keeping Your Premises Safe

Of course, compliance is important to keep your property running smoothly and lot ofDubailandlords, property ownersand businesses count on the friendly, reliable team at FIXERON to help.Every member of our team is highly trained on all aspects of compliance and we conduct regular compliance testing on a variety of machinery and equipment.Once you book in with us, our compliance team will visit your premises for a site visit at a convenient time.We assess what you require checking or advise on what should be checked.When you give us the go-ahead, we then conduct a thorough compliance inspection.This inspection ensures that everything works efficiently and does not pose any danger.

Our inspections also highlight any possible problems which might pose a hazard in the future, usually these can be dealt with quickly, minimizing any upheaval later.Additionally, we produce a full report on any equipment or machinery tested noting, any issues or certifying as compliant.If there are any repairs which need to be carried out, don’t worry – that’s our job.

Scheduled Compliance Testing

Many owners prefer to schedule their compliance testing, and this reduces the possibility of equipment breaking down unexpectedly.We do suggest scheduled inspections at regular intervals, for example, once a year and for convenience, our team can carry out these inspections when it suits you.

No Hidden Charges

Our compliance testing is very competitively priced.We do not hide any charges guaranteeing transparency so there are no surprises.Our testimonials give you peace of mind that you’re in competent hands and we guarantee all our work.

What We Cover Under Compliance

 Chlorination & Water Hygiene Compliance Emergency Light Testing
 Fire Extinguisher Testing Fire Alarm Testing
 5 Yearly Fixed Wire Testing Lift Servicing
 Fire Sprinkler Compliance HVAC Compliance
 TMV Monitoring