Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Directors of FIXERON Building Maintenance Ltd (FIXERON) are focused on improving our presentation in the region of social reliability. We perceive that we work in a business territory which frequently belittles the social expense of our exercises, and are focused on a ceaseless improvement way to deal with CSR, overwhelmingly in the territories of.

•           Environment 

•           Sustainability 

•           Social Engagement


During the most recent decade people have begun to comprehend the way that our planet is confronting exceptional natural and social difficulties. At FIXERON we perceive this and are resolved to address these issues as significantly as sensibly conceivable.

We have a different incorporated Quality and Environmental Policy which basically expects to screen and decrease our Chemical Usage and garbage removal. As communicated in this strategy we have a core value to make an organization with our demographic to ensure that cleaning administrations gave and mentioned are surveyed to ecological effect.

Customers and providers are made mindful of our Sustainability Policy and are urged to embrace sound maintainable administration rehearses. We have as of late put forth enormous attempts to lessen our natural effect, for instance with our presentation on miniature fiber innovation. We offer our customers the alternative of a scope of microfiber fabrics and mops. Miniature fiber is an Eco-Friendly texture since it diminishes water use, diminishes the requirement for cleaning synthetic compounds and paper towels, and will eliminate residue, allergen and microbes. Furthermore, miniature fiber will in general be incredibly tough and versatile, implying that it tends to be utilized and reused to diminish wastage. We likewise have a scope of cleaning materials that are classed as naturally appraised low effect items and attempt to just utilize these.

As cleaning specialists, we accept we have the information and aptitude to choose the best items which are good for reason however which additionally have the base ecological effect on both the characteristic world and the tenants of the structures we are answerable for.


FIXERON have a strategy to agree to, and surpass where practicable, all relevant enactment, guidelines, and codes of training. We attempt to coordinate maintainability contemplations into all our business choices, and guarantee that all staff are completely mindful of our Policy on Sustainability and are devoted to actualizing and improving it.

FIXERON effectively intend to decrease our Carbon Footprint. We put forth an attempt to limit the effect on supportability of all office and transportation exercises. The entirety of our provisions is sourced from the DUBAI, lessening our carbon impression, just as continuing little nearby organizations.

We attempt to keep arranges enormous to lessen the recurrence of which the conveyances must be made, consequently decreasing our mileage and our impact on the planet.

We utilize various hardware makers and have as of now began to investigate their own thoughts on manageability. For instance, Numatics flexibly a considerable lot of our vacuum cleaners, and have as of late presented a lower energy item, which we will buy when supplanting existing machines, or gaining new ones (subject to site prerequisites).


We brag more than thirty years’ experience offering a cleaning and upkeep administration. We feel that we increased the entirety of this accomplishment through our steady endeavors to better our social commitment. A Company’s notoriety is characterized by its client assistance and we are the same. We are glad for our capacity to viably and by and by manage any situation. We pride our brilliant customer maintenance and have profited by their thoughtful proposals. Our working associations with our colleagues are essential to us, and we feel slanted to keep a nearby association with all customers.

FIXERONdo not endure any type of segregation, regardless of whether it be towards/originating from workers or customers. We generally uphold our representatives as far as pay, wellbeing, work relations, security and preparing.

Our responsibility is a progressing one.

Abdallah Al-Nairab                                                                                    Date: 1stOctober 2020

Managing Director                                                                                      Review; October 2021


We provide a full range of reactive and planned building maintenance services including facilities management to high street shops, retail parks and shopping centers, as well as retail concessions, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and specialist retailers such as Motor Retail.
We work with landlords, tenants, estate agents and property managers to ensure all properties are well maintained. This includes all statutory and regulatory aspects of residential properties and any reactive and planned maintenance to ensure all properties are in the best possible condition.
We provide a full range of specialist building surveying services to landlords and occupiers of offices, warehouses and distribution centers and also solicitors and property management companies including dilapidations, CDM (Construction Design and Management) consultancy and specialist advice.
FIXERON can provide a comprehensive maintenance and FM solution to cover all your needs within care homes. Our dedicated team of professionals can ensure your property remains fully functional giving you total peace of mind.
We provide a full range of building surveying and facilities management services to schools, institutes, universities, and Specialist hospitality retailers including the design and project management of refurbishments.
We are proud to work for some well-known charities ensuring retail outlets remain functional whilst offering a cost-effective maintenance and facilities compliance solution.
We provide a full range of building surveying and facilities management services to factories, plants, warehouses including the design and project management of refurbishments.