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We are specialists in all aspects of Building Maintenance and Facilities Management services for the educational sector across DUBAI

FIXERON works with educational institutions to provide a set of detailed and affordable facilities management solutions. We provide educational sector facilities management solutions with one noble aim – to help young people learn and grow in an advanced manner. We believe in the idea of educated country which is driven by values and intellect and we understand the challenge an educational institution faces in facility requires well-addressed solution. To help institutions mitigate the risks and work on the idea of improved facilities, we work with them using a latest solution that mean sustainable, green!

We work to earn outstanding educational facility in educational institutions and help manage institutions communicate and operate hassle-free. To provide clients with accurately unique variety of requested service, we analyze their requirements and ensure functional variety of affordable service. Educational companies rely on us for our quality work.

Should you have any query about the service, or want to learn about the service, please contact us!

Why Choose FIXERON?

  • Years of experience
  • Accreditations & Qualifications
  • DUBAI coverage
  • Numerous Samples and Testimonials
  • Routine and Reactive Maintenance
  • On Call 24/7
  • Reliable and Cost Effective