Emergency Cleaning

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Emergency Cleaning

Your family, staff, customers, and visitors should always enjoy comfort and cleanliness because you want to make the right impression to your clients. Unfortunately, often unforeseen problems arise for example accidents such as spillage or intentional damage including graffiti and vandalism. At times like these you need to organize high quality emergency cleaning, fast! You can always rely on FIXERON to supply you with outstanding emergency and specialist cleaning in Dubai whenever required.

Trusted Emergency & Specialist Cleaning Staff

We take great care in selecting our emergency cleaning team which is why we have an excellent record of customer retention along with many positive testimonials. At FIXERON, we take time to train our emergency cleaning staff accordingly and we are experienced in using hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. We cover extensive COSHH training to enable us to carry out all forms of cleaning to the highest standards. The team at FIXERON is always available to discuss all your emergency cleaning requirements providing you with a friendly and reliable service.

Competitive Pricing

To help you budget, we offer competitively priced emergency cleaning call-out rates. For larger clean-ups or specialist cleaning one of the FIXERON team will visit your premises and undertake a survey of the area in question.Then, you will be provided with a quote and a timescale to complete the job.

No Disruption to Your Life nor Your Business

Rest assured, we undertake your specialist cleaning any time of the day needed and even outside of office hours, unless otherwise instructed.This is to minimize disruption to your family or your business.However, in cases of emergency you will want the clean-up conducted immediately.We can work around you as you see fit for your place.

Our emergency cleaning service includes:

 Window Cleaning Water and Sewage Clean-Ups
 Graffiti Removal Sanitizing
 Chewing Gum Removal Kitchen
 Washroom and Toilet Cleaning Wall Cleaning
 Floor Cleaning All Supply of Cleaning Materials

To find out more about Emergency Cleaning call FIXERON or drop us a line.


Do you have cleaning insurance in place?

Yes we are fully insured in the rare case of accidental damage to your property.

Do you offer any specialist commercial cleaning services?

Yes, we cover window cleaning, carpet shampooing, high pressure jet-washing and other services. Our team will be willing to assist you with whatever jobs you need doing.

Do you use your own cleaning products?

Yes, our team come to your place of business with cleaning equipment and cleaning products. Additionally, we only use quality cleaning products for all our cleaning tasks. If you need to use your own products you can advise our team.