Fire Alarm Testing

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Fire Alarm Testing

If a fire breaks out at your premises and your fire alarms are not working efficiently you could put yourself, your family, staff, customers, and visitors in danger.It is a legal requirement to have your fire alarms tested regularly.At FIXERON we take fire alarm testing very seriously and we have an engineering team dedicated to dealing with fire risks.They are all trained to understand all fire alarm systems, taking the right steps to make sure your system works effectively.

Fire Alarm Compliancy

Over time, battery life deteriorates on fire alarms and sometimes they stop working because dirt has interfered with their mechanism.The FIXERON fire alarm testing service makes sure that your system complies with the National Health& Safety Regulations.Every property must have suitable fire alarm warning systems and detection in place that is regularly maintained by competent engineers.During maintenance, your engineer should record any faults and rectify problems, so all your fire alarm systems work properly.It is also important to hold a fire drill once every year using your fire alarm and keep a note of the results as part of your evacuation plan in the event of fire.

Fully Recorded Inspections

Our fully trained engineers will visit your place and survey where your fire alarms are located.Then, they will inspect each one making sure it conforms to the standard and recommend replacement if necessary.Inspection includes mains panel, heat detectors, smoke detectors, batteries, break glass units and sirens.It’s always best to be prepared in case of emergency which is why we advise regular testing at least twice a year in line with the British Standard.Following fire alarm testing, we will provide you with a full standardizedreport, so you know your property is safe and complies by law.

Convenient Fire Alarm Testing

We can visit your business premises to suit your convenience so minimizing disruption to your working day.Our engineering team is fully trained, courteous, and always reliable.Furthermore, we offer very competitive rates and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service making us the best at what we do.

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Can I use any alarm system in the event of a fire?

No, the British Standard BS5839 states that a fire alarm should be a different sound to anything else in your building.

Why do I need to maintain my fire alarm?

The National Standard states that all fire alarm systems be serviced periodically. This includes being tested as part of routine. Failing to look after your fire alarm system is a criminal offence.

How often should I have my fire alarm system serviced?

Twice a year, at six-month intervals (British Standard BS5839 pt1:2002).

What type of fire alarm system do I need for my property?

This is dependent on the Fire Risk Assessment results for your place. These results should give you recommendations.