Fire Extinguisher Testing

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Fire Extinguisher Testing

To meet health and safety requirements for business, every commercial premises must have sufficient fire extinguishers installed and it is your duty as a landlords or  employer to make sure that they work.Fire extinguisher servicing should be carried out annually under the standard BS 5306-3:2009 and FIXERON is available to carry out routine fire extinguisher testing and keep your business protected.This gives you peace of mind that you have equipment that works correctly if you need to use it in an emergency.

Fully Trained & Registered Team

Our team are all fully trained and registered with Dubai Civil Defense Authorities (fire extinguisher service) and they work to suit your convenience so there is no disruption to your day to day activities or business.We only use the best fire safety equipment and all of the equipment complies with the British Standards, so you know you are in safe hands.Reliable, courteous, and friendly, FIXERON is Dubai’s number one choice for fire extinguisher testing and we have many positive testimonials from long-standing clients. FIXERON offers competitive quotes and aims to beat any other quote.

Our team visit your premises and note where your fire extinguishers are located.Then a full maintenance survey is conducted which highlights any potential problems.We also carry spare and replacement parts so any maintenance can be completed while on-site.The site-survey includes checking your fire extinguishers for signs of deterioration and partial or total discharge.We will notify you if any fire extinguisher does not meet the correct standards as it should be removed and replaced.

What We Check

Our trained team check the following:

 Tamper seal – this holds the safety pin in place Body – this should be free-from corrosion, dents, or deterioration
 Gauge – this keeps the extinguisher fully pressurized Hose – this should not be torn or frayed

You can rely on us to maintain your fire extinguishers so if there ever was the event of fire, your fire extinguisher equipment will be fully operable.

To find out more about Fire Extinguisher Testing call FIXERON or drop us a line.


Should I replace a bent pull pin on my fire extinguisher?

Yes, you should get this replaced as it may not remove in an emergency. Get FIXERON in to replace the pull pin as soon as possible.

The pressure gauge on my fire extinguisher shows a very high pressure, should I be concerned?

If the needle on your dial is on green, your fire extinguisher is suitable for use but if the needle is on the red you need to get it checked immediately.

Can I use my foam extinguisher on electrical fires?

You must make sure electricity is switched off before using a foam extinguisher on a fire and then you can use it.

How high should I hang a CO2 extinguisher?

If wall mounted, the handle should be 1 meter from the floor.