Flat Roof Maintenance

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Flat Roof Maintenance

Looking after your roof might not be high up on your list of priorities but actually it is extremely important especially as regular inspections and checks can help to keep your roof safe and prevent any future issues which could be costly.Gutters should be regularly checked so they do not become blocked and prevent water moving freely.Ignoring a blocked gutter can lead to outlet blockages, leaks, internal structure problems and even damage to expensive equipment.Other issues that occur on flat roofs include seams or laps being exposed, this might mean your flashing needs repairing.An FIXERON expert in flat roof maintenance can spot all these potential problems and get them rectified at competitive rates.

High Quality Roofing Competitively Priced

At FIXERON we always deliver a high-quality job, on time and use highly skilled, experienced workmen.When you call us to assess your flat roof, we survey the area and determine what the issues are.As with most buildings, over time, wear and tear occurs and so repairs do need to be carried out.Sometimes, these repairs are due to water damage, structural damage, poor design, or installation.Maintenance to flat roofs includes checking gutters, flashing, tiles, re-felting, replacing bitumen sills and brickwork.Where necessary we may need to make repairs or replace sections.We can also strip down an entire roof and re-build it but we always discuss any maintenance needed with you beforehand and provide you with a full report and price.Our roof engineers take time to understand why your roof needs maintenance before providing you with a tailor-made quote.We are always transparent with our costs too, so you stay within your budget.

Any Roofing Problem Dealt With Efficiently

Roof repairs extend to a few different reasons, for example, leaks and moisture ingress which is due to flashings being poorly installed or membranes loosening.Unfortunately, if this is not dealt with, internal structures in the roof could end up in water damage and mold can grow.When seams or laps are exposed, they can loosen the roof, in extreme weather a roof could even blow off!Your laps and seams should be regularly checked to prevent this from happening.Ponding water occurs on flat roofs because of their nature and if your water doesn’t clear within a few days it means there is a problem with pitching and blocked guttering.Membranes can split, crack and blister and this happens during extreme temperature changes.At FIXERON we can deal with all of these problems; however we do suggest that flat roof maintenance is part of planned preventative maintenance so none of these problems become costly issues and are dealt with early.

Compliant Roofing Work

All our roofing work complies with Building Regulations and we are accredited with The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme, Safety Schemes in Procurement and Safe Contractor Approved.No matter what reason you want roof maintenance, whether as part of a planned preventative maintenance or because you’ve noticed a problem our team are all highly professional and skilled at what they do giving you complete confidence in FIXERON.

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What is a “Green Roof“?

This is a silicone roof coating or a special membrane which keeps a roof waterproof during installation. It fixes onto your existing roof material.

Can you install a flat roof quickly?

This is a difficult question to answer as roofing is outdoor work, so it is weather dependent. It also depends on the size of your roof and the scale of works required. We cannot give you an exact answer but once we have surveyed your premises and understand the scope of the work required, we can give you a more accurate timescale. 

Can I use my existing roof and have a new roof built on top?

No, repairs can be done on certain damage but if you need a new roof it is best to remove the old one because otherwise you could end up with leaks and moisture damage.