Health & Safety Policy & Procedures

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Health & Safety Policy & Procedures

As top administration of FIXERON Building Maintenance Limited I have impressive obligation to guarantee that the organization prerequisites concerning Health and Safety at work, and the Environment, are appropriately perceived by everyone and are clung to continually. Notwithstanding, these prerequisites must be viewed as an establishment stone, as it is my conviction the Health, Safety, and the Environment rank similarly with all other organization targets.

 The duty set upon me is sifted down through the administration, activities and managerial staff who report to me. As a component of their obligations they should guarantee that our exercises do not antagonistically sway the earth, that wellbeing and security in the work environment is monitored, furthermore, that the exhibition of those answering to them is observed.

 All representatives have a legitimate obligation to co-work with their boss on Health and Safety. We should all take sensible consideration for our own wellbeing and security, and that of other people who might be influenced by what we do or not do. As representatives inside our association it is up to every last one of us to guarantee that whatever we do it is ok for other people, just as being protected ourselves.

 Employees will be reasonably prepared to play out the undertakings that they are probably going to embrace, to perceive expected dangers in the work circumstance, and not be approached to play out any undertaking that is probably going tohazard their wellbeing.

 The organization is limited by law to direct chance evaluations in the work environment, and we will as needs be find a way to control predictable dangers, and danger of mischief, where it is practicable to do as such.  As an organization we assess the effect of our procedure on Health and Safety, Welfare, and the Environment. We ceaselessly look to develop best industry norms, where sensibly practicable and monetary to do as such, and will as needs be give the time, inconvenience and money related assets to ensure all people influenced by our activities.

 We accept that individuals are our most noteworthy asset, and are the way in to the protected administration of our exercises, and all ought to be propelled to comprehend that working securely, and expertly, is the just route forward.

 Finally, we are completely dedicated to the counteraction of injury and weakness, and to consistence with all pertinent Health and Safety law.

Abdallah Al-Nairab                                                                                    Date: 1stOctober 2020

Managing Director                                                                                      Review; October 2021