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Heating & Gas Works

Keeping your home, place, and office warm and comfortable is important for your family, staff, customers, and visitors. This means that installing the right system to cope with your requirements is paramount. It’s also vital to maintain your heating and gasworks for safety. When you choose FIXERON for your heating and gasworks you know you have the right team at hand when you need assistance. We keep your heating and gasworks safe and efficient and it’s no coincidence that we are the team of choice for Dubai. At FIXERON, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding heating and gasworks services, using highly trained and certified engineers who are accredited to several industry bodies. We cater for all businesses, installing and managing heating systems, gas services and dealing with the plumbing as required. Using us, you know you are getting nothing but the very best, with a solid reputation behind us.

Installation and Servicing

Heating and gasworks relate to boiler installation and servicing,as well as water heaters installation and servicing.So, whether you’re looking for a brand new system or you want regular maintenance, FIXERON provides you with a low-cost service bespoke to your business.

Planned Scheduled Heating & Gasworks Maintenance

Many house and businesses owners choose to take out Planned Scheduled Maintenance contracts which gives them peace of mind that all their heating and gasworks is safe. This is because we regularly inspect their systems, spotting any faults before they grow into problems.A service like this also means that your heating and gasworks stays compliant with National standards.Our team visit your premises and check your systems to make sure they are running efficiently.They also carry out precautionary tests to make sure there are no dangerous leaks, for example, carbon monoxide.Remember, by taking out a regular service plan for your heating and gasworks you could prolong the life of your systems and prevent breakdowns.

Your Emergency Covered

Of course, there are those inconvenient times when something unexpected goes wrong. When this happens you need to know that you have someone reliable and experienced to call on to deal with any situational of the FIXERON team are highly trained in heating and gasworks and can attend your premises very quickly. In cases of extreme urgency, our help-desk can get someone out to you within just three hours and as our engineers carry a vast supply of components on-board, it is rare that issues can’t be dealt with immediately.

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I smell gas, what shall I do?

Turn off your gas valve at the meter and call 997. Evacuate your building and open all your windows to get ventilation going. 

Is it normal for my boiler to fire on and off?

It should only fire up when heating or hot water is on and if you have a thermostat, your boiler will only fire up to reach temperature once it is at temperature it will fire off.

Does my hot water and heating need to be on all the time?

Contrary to popular belief it is not cheaper to leave your hot water and heating on all day. Your heating and hot water should not be on for more than 9 hours a day unless in extreme weather conditions.