HVAC Compliance

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HVAC Compliance

Understanding HVAC

HVAC is short for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning as used in residential industrial, and commercial buildings.You need to ensure the systems you use at your place of work are compliant.This is because today’s HVAC systems for any premises must adhere to environmental standards and workplace standards as set out in government guidelines.The FIXERON HVAC Compliance service covers all these systems to make sure they operate effectively and efficiently.Your system should provide a suitable workplace temperature and limit any harm on the environment.In fact, poor HVAC practices can impact your life, business and even result in water damage, fire, poor air quality and risk of bacterial infection due to air pollution.We pride ourselves on delivering the best HVAC Compliance in Dubai, so your life runs efficiently while respecting the environment.

We Advise on HVAC Compliance

When you instruct our team to visit your business premises, one of our trained HVAC engineers will conduct an in-depth site survey and provide you with a tailor-made competitive quote.We will also advise you on what you need to do to comply efficiently and provide you with various cost-saving methods.For example, the government regulations target lowering carbon emissions for an environmentally friendly workplace and we can advise on what you need to do to achieve this.Once we’ve checked your system for compliancy, we issue a HVAC Compliancy Certificate which you must have in place.If your system fails, we will endeavor to organize a suitable system or repairs so you get certification as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Legal Requirements

It’s very important to have your air conditioning regularly inspected. Recent legislation from EPBD (The Energy Performance Buildings Directive) states that air conditioning system with a combined output of 12 KW or more should be inspected every five years.Our engineer will check your system for efficiency, undertake any maintenance required, identify any potential issues and advise on how to improve your system.Additionally, the Energy Performance Directive dictates a legal requirement to have air conditioning inspected by an accredited energy assessor.

All our engineers are fully accredited for your peace of mind.

Up-To-Date HVAC Legislation

All of our engineers are trained in HVAC and as legislation and guidelines change continuously it’s important for them to stay up to date so you remain compliant.FIXERON take this very seriously and our engineers attend regular courses.It gives you confidence to know that we understand what the changes are and we know how to implement changes where necessary.

F-Gas & R22

There is legislation that imposes stringent requirements for F-Gas (fluorinated greenhouse gases) in air-conditioning.Our team fully understand the complexities of this legislation and work to help you meet these regulations.R22 was commonly used in refrigerant air conditioning equipment in the past as it contained certain carbons which can destroy the ozone layer.Legislation as of 2015 has since banned it completely; our engineers can detect it and advise on how to comply.

Cost-Effective HVAC Advice

As well as compliance obligations, our engineers can advise you on saving money long-term perhaps by investing in new equipment that meets legislation or choosing low running cost equipment with carbon emissions incentives. Once we have conducted an audit of your system if you need to make changes, we will devise an action plan which will detail financial savings and environmental benefits. We guarantee a friendly, reliable, and courteous service and we are on hand to help in emergencies too.

To find out more about HVAC Compliance call FIXERON or drop us a line.


How Often Should I have my HVAC serviced?

Regular servicing and compliance are imperative for the health of your staff and no matter what heating and air conditioning system you have installed, it must be checked, serviced and cleaned annually.

When is the best time to get my HVAC serviced?

We recommend it early autumn or in the spring when there is less need for heating or air conditioning. Alternatively, we can service and organize compliance visits out of working hours to minimize impact on your business.

Can you get ill from poor ventilation?

In short, yes. If a building is not ventilated properly your staff, visitors and customers could end up with headaches, nausea, eye, or throat irritation. HVAC Compliance is necessary for your building’s occupants’ health.