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HVAC Engineer

Your place of business needs its air conditioning, heating and ventilation working efficiently for several reasons. Your family, staff, customers, and visitors must have a suitable temperature for their comfort. Faulty air conditioning and ventilation can be a potential health hazard because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Additionally, if it isn’t operating efficiently it could even cause fire and water damage. At FIXERON we offer lots of different HVAC options including planned scheduled maintenance and compliance packages. Planned preventative maintenance is the best contract to put into place because it prolongs the life of your HVAC system, ensuring reliability, efficiency and it encourages positive energy consumption. A planned preventative maintenance package also helps you to keep an eye on your budget as it is less expensive than ad-hoc callouts. However, in the event of a breakdown you will need a reliable, courteous and knowledgeable trained FIXERON engineer.

Working Fast toMinimize Disruption

Often, air conditioning systems are taken for granted so there is an issue; it can really pose a problem to your house or businesses.Our engineers respond quickly to your needs, so you are up and running quickly with minimum disruption.When you call us, one of our engineers will visit your building and survey the area, whether it is a single room, multiple rooms, or the entire building.Then we will advise you of the problem, supply you with a quote and on your authorization conduct the repairs.We carry all componentry on board so we can get on with your job.In the rare occurrence that we need to supply a part we don’t have, we will organize getting the equipment to your place  as soon as possible.

Working with All Makes & Models

As all our HVAC engineers can carry out manufacturer approved maintenance and repairs, it is comforting to know that you are in the most capable hands.The engineers we employ have years of experience in the industry and can work on all manufacturer’s systems which means we carry out a thorough job, resolving all issues.

Low Cost Callouts

We guarantee our workmanship and we offer competitive rates. FIXERON relies on recommendation and our customer testimonials are second to none giving you confidence in our HVAC Engineer Service. So whatever your HVAC requirements; ceiling mounted, wall mounted, cassette or other we will service, maintain and repair your system at low-cost.

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What does HVAC stand for?

It stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. HVAC systems ventilate your area and reduce air infiltration therefore keeping air “clean” and rooms at a well-ventilated comfortable temperature.

Why would my HVAC breakdown?

If you do not plan regular maintenance your HVAC is subject to dust, dirt and debris. Filters need to be cleaned regularly and coils & heat exchangers free from restriction. It is best to take out a planned preventative maintenance contract with FIXERON. Our trained engineers visit your business premises 2 to 4 times a year to inspect your unit, this can prevent a breakdown as we often detect problems before they are noticeable to you.

Why do the filters on my HVAC need changing regularly?

Changing your filters keeps your heating and cooling system working efficiently. It also helps to improve air quality inside because it maintains air flow, removing dust, allergens and germs.