Integrated Quality & Environment Policy

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Integrated Quality & Environment Policy

Our top management shall establish, implement and maintain an Integrated Quality and Environmental policy which will be released through statements and proceduresreferenced throughout our Integrated Management System (IMS).

The policy shall be appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and support its strategic direction. In addition, it will provide a framework for setting bothquality and environmental objectives and include a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements.

FIXERON Limited recognize that the nature and scale of our business has a potential toimpact detrimentally on the environment, particularly where we use cleaning materials

and in handling waste disposal.

We are committed to continuous improvement of the quality and environmentalmanagement systems, to enhance the environment performance within the organizationand to the prevention of pollution. The commitment to fulfil our compliance obligations isof paramount importance.

This policy shall be published, communicated, understood, and applied within the organization. It will be maintained as documented information and be available to ourstaff, sub-contractors, and other interested parties.

A full review of this Integrated Policy will be completed annually within the engagement Review Meetings.

Abdallah Al-Nairab                                                                                    Date: 1stOctober 2020

Managing Director                                                                                      Review; October 2021


We provide a full range of reactive and planned building maintenance services including facilities management to high street shops, retail parks and shopping centers, as well as retail concessions, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and specialist retailers such as Motor Retail.
We work with landlords, tenants, estate agents and property managers to ensure all properties are well maintained. This includes all statutory and regulatory aspects of residential properties and any reactive and planned maintenance to ensure all properties are in the best possible condition.
We provide a full range of specialist building surveying services to landlords and occupiers of offices, warehouses and distribution centers and also solicitors and property management companies including dilapidations, CDM (Construction Design and Management) consultancy and specialist advice.
FIXERON can provide a comprehensive maintenance and FM solution to cover all your needs within care homes. Our dedicated team of professionals can ensure your property remains fully functional giving you total peace of mind.
We provide a full range of building surveying and facilities management services to schools, institutes, universities, and Specialist hospitality retailers including the design and project management of refurbishments.
We are proud to work for some well-known charities ensuring retail outlets remain functional whilst offering a cost-effective maintenance and facilities compliance solution.
We provide a full range of building surveying and facilities management services to factories, plants, warehouses including the design and project management of refurbishments.