Interior Refurbishment

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Interior Refurbishment

An attractive, comfortable place is tantamount to a happy family. It promotes productivity and gives your family/ staff immense sense of pride. It is very important to create the right environment for your team and showcase your house or business with good looking interior refurbishment.

Fixeron Building Maintenance is the business of choice for many Dubai’s & UAE companies when it comes to interior design and refurbishment. We take time to really understand your goals and offer invaluable advice, innovative ideas, and a team of highly experienced and talented refurbishment specialists.

Our services extend to small, independent villa/ apartment /offices to larger scale complex buildings, shop fits, healthcare sector and educational sector. No job is too big or too small so whether you are renovating your entire building, or you want to spruce up your boardroom, or renovate your bathrooms and kitchens , you can rely on Fixeron Building Maintenance to provide an outstanding finish.

We Minimize Disruption To Your Life

When you call our customers services helpdesk, we will arrange for one of our refurbishment team to visit your place and discuss your requirements. We offer a full service, from start to finish and we can even work around your business to try and keep you operating as best as possible during the works. We can also work after hours, to minimize disruption and at weekends to help speed up your project. For larger scale jobs, we can help to move your staff/ family within your space and set up temporary stations so your day to day business or your home keeps running. Nothing is too much trouble.

Dubai Best Space Planning

When refurbishing your office, we offer space planning which reviews how you use your current space and helps you to maximize on it, giving you new opportunities. To do this, we measure your area, provide drawings and design layouts to show you what you could do to your office. Many of our business clients find this an excellent refurbishment tool.

Once refurbished, we can also add electrics such as air-conditioning and we can provide office furniture. Additionally, we source those finishing touches which often transform an office giving it a classy, comfortable feel. If you want us to, we can also organize personalization within the workplace, using your branding so your logo or name is uniform across every aspect of your business.

You can expect a full, comprehensive interior refurbishment service from Fixeron Building Maintenance, undertaken by a trained and experienced team who are courteous, reliable and boast a wealth of experience.

Dubai Best Bathroom remodeling

A new bathroom can make a substantial difference to a home, and not just in financial terms. A relaxing space in which to unwind in luxurious surroundings is something we all dream of, and it can be made a reality thanks to the dedicated bathroom refurbishment team at Fixeron Building Maintenance. Whether you are looking for a full or partial upgrade, whatever the size of your bath, shower or wet room, whatever your style preference, we can help.

You have heard the saying, ‘it’s all in the planning’? Well with Fixeron Building Maintenance, planning is at the heart of our bathroom refurbishment service. Our aim is to design and create a bathroom for you that does not just ooze that sumptuous look and feel you desire, but that is truly practical and addresses all your storage needs.

During your free consultation we will talk to you about any specific requirements you may have. We are well known for our solution finding expertise and innovation in design. In fact, some customers have been amazed at how we’ve maximized the available space to accommodate everything – and more – they’ve wished for.

​Considerations are also made to the environment, to simplifying maintenance and cleaning, and to whether the existing heating and plumbing systems of the home will be able to cope with the new fittings. So, you see, we really do plan ahead.

The Full Service: With Fixeron Building Maintenance, it is all included. At Fixeron Building Maintenance we have every tradesperson you need on our team to complete your bathroom project, from Gas Safe Registered plumbing and HVAC &ventilation engineers to tilers and plasterers. It is a team used to working together, so you can rest assured streamlined communication comes as standard. Our services can cover the followings:

 Full or partial bathroom, shower room or wet room refurbishments
 Installation of new suites, or individual fitments
 Reorganization of existing layouts
 Bespoke fitted bathroom furniture
 Intelligent storage solutions
 Tiling, decorating, and plastering
 Lighting, electrics and ventilation

Dubai Best Kitchen Remodeling

Of course, there is a wide choice of options available when it comes to kitchen designers. So why use Fixeron Building Maintenance? Well, our customers have all told us they were extremely impressed with every aspect of the process, especially the planning and designing stage, which led to them getting everything they wanted, and lots more besides.

From helping you decide on the basics, such as integrated or fitted, to developing a style, choosing color schemes and selecting appliances, at Fixeron Building Maintenance we’re with you every step of the way, and afterwards, should you need us.

Step by Step: Getting you the Perfect Kitchen

There is so much to consider when planning a new kitchen and at Fixeron Building Maintenance, we take it one step at a time, working closely with you so that your new kitchen reflects your personality and meets your practical needs. Our work involves a series of meetings with you so that we can guide you on:

 Choosing the right type of kitchen for your current and future needs
 Planning a kitchen that works in a practical way for the whole family
 Designing the overall layout and style
 Devising intelligent storage solutions
 Working on the finer detail: all the little things that make a difference
 Selecting appliances, from washing machines to televisions
 Finishing: lighting, electrics, tiling, flooring, plastering and decorating

At Fixeron Building Maintenance we have all the tradespeople needed to create nothing less than a stunning kitchen. It’s a cohesive team, all working together in harmony to produce the highest quality finish, whilst causing minimal disruption to your daily life.

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