Janitorial Supplies

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Janitorial Supplies

As well as offering a huge variety of commercial maintenance services, FIXERON also supplies a large collection of janitorial supplies.These comprise of hygiene and cleaning products to all size businesses, whether large or small.Using our service gives you flexibility and exceptionally competitive pricing which is why FIXERON is the choice of so many businesses in Dubai.Additionally, you never need to worry about your janitorial supplies depleting because we will keep you stocked up when you take out a contract for your cleaning and hygiene products.We also stock the best products so your business, whether an office, warehouse, healthcare provider, school or other is always spotlessly clean!

Every Possible Cleaning Product!

Our Janitorial Supplies covers general cleaning products to toilet and washroom products, personal care, and certain health & safety items.We can supply your products in varying quantities too, but we do recommend purchasing certain items in bulk.When you talk to one of our helpful customer services representatives, we will recommend a tailor-made Janitorial Supply list from leading brands that cater especially to your business requirements.

Budget & Environmentally Friendly Ranges

FIXERON also provides a budget range, if you prefer and additionally, we stock a large collection of environmentally friendly brands.We can always organize delivery at a suitable time so as not to disrupt your working day if you prefer.

We Supply

 Air Fresheners Detergent
 Air Purifiers Refuse Sacks
 Toilet Paper Bin Liners
 Toilet Hygiene General Housekeeping
 Hand Washing Cleaning Products
 Dishwasher Tablets Mops
 Washing-Up Liquid Cloths
 Washing Powder Buckets
 Hand Drying Brooms
 Kitchen Paper Health & Safety Products
 Paper Products First Aid Products

Helpful Customer Service Designed to Guide You

Using the FIXERON Janitorial Supplies service gives you a superb choice of an extensive number of products so you can deal with any cleaning requirement your place of business needs.Our products are for general purpose cleaning or for more challenging tasks such as graffiti or chewing gum removal.We use leading manufacturers and guarantee high quality at reasonable prices and we can even advise you on what is best for what you want.Just ask one of our helpful customer services representatives who are all fully trained to answer all your questions.

To find out more about Janitorial Supplies call FIXERON or drop us a line.


How quickly can you deliver?

At FIXERON, we hold stock at our warehouse so we can deliver as soon as possible. This means that you do not have to wait for your products (subject to holiday times and stock levels).

If I want to sample some of your cleaning products can you arrange this?

Yes, we can supply small samples if you want to test products first although we believe we only stock high quality, reputable products from the best manufacturers. 

Can you supply a good range of environmentally friendly hygiene supplies?

Yes, we have a large selection of environmentally friendly products, just ask our customer services team and we deliver using carbon-neutral vehicles. 

Can you supply in lesser quantities for a smaller business?

Yes, we can supply in smaller quantities though we cannot supply singles, please discuss your requirements with our customer services team who will endeavor to help you.