Jet Washing

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Jet Washing

The exterior area of your house, office or place of business is the first thing that customers and visitors see so it is important to make the right impression by regularly jet washing all visible surfaces. FIXERON offers the best quality jet washing in Dubai, guaranteeing you superior results. When you want to clean up the exterior of your premises, we recommend jet washing using the right equipment to leave everything restored, looking as good as new. Using the FIXERON Jet Washing service will remove worn-in stains and dirt so your stone, concrete, brickwork and even signage look pristine.

Strong Yet Gentle

Our jet washing service is often contracted as planned scheduled maintenance once or twice a year.It’s tough enough to remove dirt and stains but won’t cause any damage to your building, instead helping to protect it from structural damage because it easily removes algae and moss which, if left, could be problematic in later years.We recommend jet washing for graffiti removal and chewing gum removal; it’s so strong that it is also ideal to banish weeds and fungus, leaving your brickwork and paving stones looking fresh and new.

Patch Testing If Necessary

When you call our customer services team, we will organize someone to visit your villa, offices, or place of business to give you a quote which we believe will be highly competitive.If necessary, we may patch test an area of your stonework or brickwork to see how well it will clean up.It is always more budget-friendly to take out one of our planned scheduled maintenance contracts although we can provide one-off cleans and adhoc jet washing.All of our team are highly trained at what they do and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible results. Our jet washing team are all friendly, courteous, reliable, and trustworthy so you feel confident in FIXERON.

Our Jet Washing is Suitable For:

 Paving Stones Cladding
 Brickwork Moss, Lichen, Mold, Weed & Algae Removal
 Chewing Gum Removal Stone
 Signage Renders
 Car Park Areas Facades

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What equipment do you use for jet washing?

We use the latest jet washing equipment which emits a very powerful water spray using a pump mechanism. It is far more powerful than using a hose and administers less water too.

Is there a good time of year to use your jet washing service?

Jet washing is best during the warmer months of the year, from early spring to end of summer because it can only be done when it is dry. It’s always a good idea to book the FIXERON jet washing service in advance as we do get booked up especially during the spring and summer which is another reason why adding jet washing as part of planned scheduled maintenance always keeps your building looking clean. Annual jet washing will also keep staining on your building or exterior areas to a minimum.

How long does jet washing take?

This very much depends on how large your job is which is why we send one of our FIXERON representatives to your business to assess the area that needs cleaning up. However, our equipment is professional and very different to domestic jet washing products. This means it is very powerful and much faster than any equipment you can buy in DIY stores.