Kitchen Duct Cleaning

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Kitchen Duct Cleaning

(Often referred to as hood cleaning) is very necessary to remove the grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Left uncleansed, kitchen exhaust systems eventually accumulate enough grease to become extreme fire hazards. Exhaust systems must be inspected regularly, at intervals consistent with usage, to determine whether cleaning is needed before a dangerous amount of grease has accumulated.

Your needs are our priority and we do everything in our power to give you the best of the services. Keeping the kitchen duct clean is necessary so that your kitchen is not filled with unhealthy smoke, grease, and bad smell.

We use one of the best equipment for air duct cleaning in Dubai. Hasman technique of cleaning is one of the best and advanced techniques in current times. We have the latest equipment according to the technological changes in the market.


All kitchen grease extraction systems require a regular deepclean of the whole system to ensure the business owner iscompliant with health and safety, fire risk and insuranceregulations. Deep cleaning of the extraction system should alsobe maintained to ensure a safe and effective ventilation of smokeand unpleasant odors from the kitchen area.Often after only a couple of months the accumulation of greaseparticles within the ductwork can lead to a reduction in efficiencyof the whole extract system.This can lead to an unpleasant, hot and humid working environment due to the lack of ventilation and air circulation.Eventually the buildup of grease within the ducting will increaseto the point that the extractor fan is struggling to turn understress from the grease build up, causing the whole extractionsystem to shut down. Many kitchens have ‘gas-interlock’systems installed monitoring air and gas flow levels within theducting and canopy. If your extraction system does shut downthen your gas supply will be isolated until your canopy, extractorfan and ductwork is cleaned; allowing a correct level of air topass through the extraction system again.

FIXERON can clean any kitchen ducting, chimney, canopy, canopy filter, vent and Extractor fan. Whilst on site wecan fit any size or shape of access door into the duct to ensure athorough and hygienic clean. We clean extraction systems 24hours a day, 365 days of the year and there is no extra chargefor an overnight or weekend clean. We offer a free fixed pricedquotation with no extra costs and in the majority of cases we canprovide you with an instant quotation over the phone or byemail.  A discount is always given to our regular clients forrepeat cleaning of their kitchen ducting, over 90% of our clientshave chosen to use our services year upon year and much ofour work is sourced from clients recommending us.


Local Exhaust Ventilation or LEV for short is the term given for the equipment used to extract and filter hazardous substances from the local environment within the workplace. The Health and Safety Executive has set out regulations for the control of hazardous substances within the workplace, these measures are commonly known as ‘COSHH’ regulations.  These regulations require that, where certain chemicals and other substances are used in industrial and commercial processes, they should either be contained or safely dispersed within a Local Exhaust Ventilation system. A requirement of these regulations is that LEV systems should be regularly tested, maintained, and cleaned to ensure that they are operating efficiently. The H.S.E. states that a LEV system that is poorly installed, ineffective or loses its effectiveness through lack of maintenance – leads directly to industrial disease.                                                            

FIXERON can help to test, clean, and maintain your LEV system. We provide Certification, inspection reports, pre and post clean images of the system and an evidential logbook, to support your compliance of the law.

Highly Trained Workers

We at FIXERON understand that our staff is a representation of our company. Therefore, we take great care in hiring our staff and provide the best training. All our workers are highly trained and know their job to the core. They will take care of all your requirements in an extremely professional manner. We make sure that we give you no chance of any complaints from our part.

Set Routine of Cleaning

FIXERON engineers will inform you about the routine which you should follow to make sure that your kitchen duct functions properly for a long time. We do a thorough check-up of your kitchen duct the first time which informs us the condition that it is in. We will also let you know some maintenance tips which will help you in taking care of the kitchen. You can follow our routine and book for the cleaning to have the best kitchen extraction clean in Dubai.

To find out more about Kitchen Duct Cleaningcall FIXERON or drop us a line.


How Often Does My Kitchen Need A Hood Cleaning?

NFPA 96 dictates that most commercial hoods should be cleaned on a quarterly basis.  There are exceptions for special cases, however.  For example, wood burning stoves need to be cleaned every month, while some facilities whose kitchens do not build up as much grease, churches, schools, etc., can be cleaned less frequently, even as seldom as once a year.

What Does A Hood Cleaning Include?

The standard kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service is “cook top to roof top.”  The basic process goes something like this: starting in the kitchen, the cooking equipment and other surfaces not being cleaned are covered with plastic.  The filters are put in a cleaning solution to soak and the plenum (the area behind the filter bank) is scraped.  Then FIXERON team will start to work from the top down, first the exhaust fan roof or cover will be removed, then the duct shaft manually scraped.  Chemical will be applied to the exhaust fan blades and duct shaft, everything will be rinsed, then the exhaust fan reinstalled.  FIXERON team will then return to the kitchen, apply chemical to the plenum, canopy, and backsplash, rinse everything, reinstall the filters, and polish the canopy and backsplash.  Once finished, they will remove the plastic, tidy any mess created on the floor, check to make sure the exhaust fan turns on, and place a new inspection sticker on the kitchen hood’s canopy. 

Do You All Need To Get On The Roof And Do You Clean It?

Yes, FIXERON team need access to your roof to properly clean the exhaust fan and duct work.  The only instance where roof access is not necessary is if your kitchen exhaust fan is located on the side of the building or elsewhere.  But most kitchens are designed with the duct work leading up through the roof.  Though we will clean all aspects of the duct work that are on the roof, cleaning the roof itself is not part of the standard hood cleaning service.  It can be quoted and completed as a separate service upon request. 

How Long Will The Service Take?

A standard hood cleaning takes 3-4 hours.  However, there are a variety of factors that determine how long it takes.  The length of time between cleanings, the size of the kitchen, and the number of hoods/fans all factor into how long it will take for the job to be completed.