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Lift Engineer

Unfortunately, there are times when the lift or escalators in your building breakdown and when this happens you need a fully trained Dubai lift engineer to rectify the problem fast.Your lifts and escalators are essential in transporting you, your family, your staff, visitors, and customers to where they need to go.Of course, certain lifts are used solely for moving heavy goods, so you need them to function.At FIXERON, we can provide you with a courteous, reliable, and friendly lift maintenance engineer who will assess the problem and get the job done, quickly.Our lift engineers carry a vast array of components for all makes and models with them so in most cases, your lifts or escalators can be up and running in no time at all, minimizing disruption.

Qualified Mechanical Engineers

When you choose FIXERON you know you are in safe hands.All our lift engineers have relevant experience and qualifications in mechanical engineering so can complete your job to your satisfaction.If there is a major failure, they will isolate the problem and replace any parts to get your lift or escalator moving again.Once your job is complete you will receive a full report on work carried out.

Lift & Escalator Servicing

While our engineers are available to get on with repairs when you need them, they are also able to service your lift or escalators on a regular basis as part of planned scheduled maintenance.When you select this option, it is our engineers’ job to carry out routine checks and conduct minor repairs to make sure your equipment adheres to health and safety.The lift team can also install new lifts, refurbish your lift or escalators, replace panel displays, lighting, communication systems and more.

Emergency Lift & Escalator Assistance

We pride ourselves on outstanding service and we consider our pricing very competitive. Additionally, in the case of emergency, our team of lift engineers are always available and our helpdesk is manned 24 hours a day so you get the swift response you want.

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What type of maintenance does a lift engineer carry out?

Health and safety dictates that all businesses must conduct regular checks to make sure your lift or escalator is safe to use. Our lift engineer is trained to carry out safety checks to keep your lift and escalator reliable and often, routine maintenance can prolong the life of your equipment.

What does lift maintenance cover?

Our lift engineers will visit your premises and check the fluid levels, topping it up if required. They will check the safety of your lift and provide you with a full report which will detail the condition of your lift and recommend any repairs that need to be carried out. They can also carry out most repairs during the visit. 

Why did my lift breakdown?

Generally, lifts only breakdown if they are not maintained properly. They are usually very reliable modes of transport within a building. That is why regular maintenance is very important to keep you, your family, your staff, visitors, and customers safety a priority.