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Getting locked out of your premises, finding that your lock no longer works because your key is damaged or discovering a code has been forgotten is an inconvenience no one needs!Luckily the FIXERON Locksmith team is only a phone call away and promises a fast, reliable, and efficient service that is priced competitively.Our locksmith engineers are trained to work with any lock that conforms to British standard specifications (BS3621), are Master Locksmith Approved and our work is approved by most major insurance companies.We can work with mortice, combination, cylinder, Euro and digital locks getting you back inside with minimum disruption.

Getting You In Quick!

Our Locksmith will visit your premises and help you to gain entry to your property.They will then change your locks for security purposes so your old keys will not work.Then, they will provide you with cut keys for your new lock and make sure your new locks meet your insurance requirements.

Working with Any Lock

We can deal with any type of lock.UPVC doors usually need a simple cylinder change but to prevent future lock snapping you might want to consider SS312 Diamond Approved Cylinders which should meet your insurance requirements or upgrading your multipoint locking system which helps to increase your security. FIXERON Locksmiths also supply locks and keys to UPVC windows and can advise on extra window security locking systems to prevent unwanted visitors.This is especially important for windows situated on the ground floor or for those close to flat roofs.As well as door keys and window keys FIXERON can change locks to your garage and even cut garage keys while you wait. Smart Locks are available also, with different functions.

Low Cost Call-Out

Rest assured, our locksmith service is extremely competitive, with low-cost callouts and we always quote you first before taking on a job, so you keep a close eye on your budget.

More Than Just A Lock Change!

As fully trained locksmiths, our team can discuss upgrading to better security locking systems.Remember, we do so much more than changing locks, so if you want additional security advice, we are able to provide master key systems, CCTV, access control, alarm systems and more.We can also fit secondary locks and provide you with suggestions on how to keep your family, business, employees, customers, and visitors safe and secure.

To find out more about Locksmith Services call FIXERON or drop us a line.


Why should I employ a specialist locksmith from FIXERON?

All our locksmiths are highly skilled and experience. They are also honest, reliable, and courteous with an abundance of knowledge on security which means they are the best at solving any security problems.

My key works but it is stiff and difficult to turn, what can I do?

Before calling out FIXERON try spraying the lock and bolt mechanism with WD-40 which is an oil found in many hardware stores and it should help to loosen the lock. Then move the lock around gently with the key and it should loosen up. Never force it as you could damage the lock entirely. If not, you need an FIXERON locksmith.

Can I copy a key that is marked “do not duplicate“?

Yes, you can get your key copied but only if it is authorized by the key owner and accompanied by a letter on company letterhead confirming duplication is allowed. This letter should detail how many keys are to be copied, who is getting the keys copied and contact information. The person in receipt of the copied keys will need to fill out a “request for restricted keys” form.

Does a Master Key open all locks?

No, there is no such key available and this is for security purposes. A master key works a series of locks, but the locks need to be set-up to accept the master key. These types of locks are typically found in offices, hotels, schools etc.