Planned Preventative Maintenance

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Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance is paramount for keeping your life or business running efficiently.Our service covers a variety of aspects from mechanical and electrical maintenance to water heater servicing, plumbing, water checks, cleaning, building controls and so much more.So, you can choose to use our PPM to keep up appearances as well as to make sure your equipment functions well.Remember, much of what you use in your property is expensive and needs to be well looked after.

When vital items such as large electricals or machinery for example malfunction, it hinders your day to day tasks, wastes valuable time and affects your life and business profitability.It is crucial to ensure everything works to optimum performance.Too often, owners wait until something starts to degrade and eventually breaks down or wears out entirely.Take FIXERON’ advice, reactive maintenance can be far more costly than scheduled planned maintenance!

Scheduled Inspections So You Don’t Have To Worry

FIXERON puts into place a suitable professional inspection service schedule to check your equipment works properly or to maintain certain areas of your premises.You may want to conduct Planned Preventative Maintenance during quieter periods of  house or business so there is less impact on your output; we happily fit in with your schedule, nothing is too much trouble.

Control Over Your Repairs

All our inspection services are conducted by reliable highly trained FIXERON staff.Using Planned Preventative Maintenance gives you peace of mind that everything is suitably productive and highlights any potential problems before they impact.This helps you with the smooth running of your life or business.Remember, checking important areas of your premises regularly gives you control over repairs and often prevents bigger problems, allowing everything to function properly for longer.

Additionally, PPM is vital for you, your family and your staff health and safety.

Maintaining Appearances & Performance

Our team makes suitable assessments on different areas of your premises.Whether it is for gutter cleansing or water chlorination testing, perhaps for running machinery inspections – whatever it is, you can confidently leave it to us.Our team also advises on a competitively priced, suitable maintenance action plan tailored to your needs.

Cost Effective, Confident PPM

Taking up Planned Preventative Maintenance gives you a multitude of advantages because it is our responsibility to make sure the right maintenance is carried out.Where necessary we have availability through specialist contracted services and all our preferred suppliers are selected because of their years of unrivalled experience.It’s good to know you’re always in safe hands.

FIXERON offer excellent rates and for our regular clients we can organize a discount.We are also completely transparent with our pricing so there are no hidden charges and with the option of monthly invoicing, you stay in control of your budget.

Plus, we offer one month’s termination giving you even more confidence in our service and we offer an agreed period of contract; you choose fixed costs or RPI increases.

Your Premises Is Our Priority

FIXERON gives you 100% peace of mind and with our managed service we also support your business with 24-hour call-out at a reduced cost.Your premisesare our priority and our service includes your own designated Account Manager who is your point of contact, always putting your needs first.

What We Cover Under PPM

 Access Control & CCTV Air Conditioning Servicing
 Electrical checks Property Maintenance
 Gutter, Gully & Drain Clearance High Pressure Jet Washing
 PAT Testing Investigating Roof Leaks Thoroughly
 Water Heater Servicing Plumbing Checks