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When you need a plumber at your place it’s wise to choose fully trained and skilled engineers, so you feel confident in a job completed to your satisfaction. FIXERON’ Plumbers are all well-regarded and with our solid reputation, you know you’ll receive first-class service every time. They can deal with all your plumbing needs, whether it’s an emergency call out or to plumb new systems. The team are all trained to inspect plumbing equipment and make sure it adheres to industry standards as well as keep it suitably maintained for efficiency. So, whether you want general repairs, boiler replacement, a heating upgrade or new machinery plumbed in, choose FIXERON, the number one plumbing team in Dubai, no job is too big or too small.

All Plumbing Emergencies

Sometimes, you need an emergency plumber and with our service we can get someone out to your place in one hours.In less urgent situations, we can get a trained plumber to you in 3hours, so you know we’re always there for you.Our plumbers are fully trained to work on any system and can deal with all sorts of plumbing problems from boilers breaking down to water leaks, burst pipes or issues with a heating system – no job is too difficult.

Scheduled Planned Maintenance

Many of our business customers prefer to take out our Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts which covers them for all their inspections and checks, often rectifying small problems before they become bothersome.Choosing us as your plumbers of choice means we visit your premises at regular intervals and check all your plumbing systems, so you do not have to worry about anything.We also offer annual contracts for heaters servicing and this ensures it operates efficiently especially when the cold months are on their way.For complete convenience, our plumbing team can work outside of your office hours and at your hose convenient timing.This helps to minimize any disruption and allows you to get on with your own day to day routine.Of course, all our team are courteous and reliable, on hand to answer any of your queries.Our helpdesk is always open so if you need us in emergency we are only at the end of a phone.Finally, our pricing is extremely competitive, and we always provide full quotes so you can budget accordingly.It’s very rare that we cannot complete a job in one visit as we carry a large amount of spare parts on board.If anything isn’t available it’s our job to get it supplied as quickly as we can.

What We Cover:

 Water Leaks Boiler Repairs
 Blocked Drains Pipework
 Drain Surveys Jetting
 Boiler Installation Exterior Plumbing
 Boiler Servicing HVAC Compliance

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What’s the best way to lower my water bills?

Install a smart water meter first, this is a good way to keep an eye on your consumption. You can also install low-flush toilets and make sure your family or staff only put the dishwasher on when it’s full. If you notice any drips or leaks, get them fixed as soon as possible and get your pipes serviced annually. 

What should I do if my water pressure drops?

This could mean you have a valve problem or mineral deposits in old pipes. Discuss with an FIXERON plumber the best way to improve your water pressure. 

My hot water isn’t working, what can I do?

Water heater tanks usually have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years so need to be serviced regularly. If you do not maintain them, they will not last as long. In some cases, water heaters can be repaired by replacement is normally best because today’s systems are very efficient. Other reasons why your hot water may not be working include a broken heating element or a broken sensor. Turn up the temperature on your heating system to see if it works but if not, you need FIXERON plumber.