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Plumbing Technician

All FIXERON plumbers are highly trained, skilled engineers and cover every aspect of plumbing at your place of business.This includes emergency callouts, blockages, general repairs, installation and conducting inspections on plumbing systems and equipment.Whether you want to replace a water mixer, update your heating system, replace or reconfigure your washroom plumbing or plumb machinery, our team is always on hand to deal with the job at hand efficiently and with minimum disruption to your place of business.

No Plumbing Job Is Too Small

Obviously sometimes you need a plumber in an emergency and while this is an inconvenience no one wants, our plumbers are extremely capable, can work on any system and respond very quickly.In fact, they can work on any plumbing problem whether it’s a water leak, burst pipe, boiler breakdown system repair or heating problem – no job is too small or too complicated.We can also organize for our plumbing team to come to your premises out of working hours if that is a more suitable option.

Annual Servicing & Planned Preventative Maintenance

We also offer planned preventative maintenance which is invaluable when it comes to expensive systems such as your commercial boiler.When you organize for an annual service, our plumbers can inspect and service your boiler to make sure it runs efficiently and run diagnostic testing to pick up any underlying problems before they grow.Our plumbers can deal with all boiler makes and manufacturers and should there be a problem that needs rectifying, they can work outside of hours to minimize disruption to your business.

Competitive Pricing

We also price extremely competitively, whether it is through a contract or for ad-hoc or emergency visits.Additionally, when we quote on your job, we breakdown the cost so you stay within budget and we carry a large supply of componentry on-board so we can get on with your plumbing jobs immediately.If there is something, we do not have readily available, we make sure to get it to you quickly.This makes us the plumbers of choice in Dubai.

What We Cover

 Boiler Repairs& Installations Drain Surveys
 Water Heater Repairs &Installation Pipework
 Water Leaks Outside Plumbing
 Blockages Jetting
 Drains HVAC

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Why is my drain clogged up?

Drains clog up because people put the wrong things/food down them that cannot pass through easily. Sometimes residue from soap also clogs drain but regular cleaning using a good quality drain cleaner will help to keep them clear.

What should I do if my water heater starts to leak?

Call a registered plumber straight away because it could mean there is rust at the bottom of your heater and you probably need a new one installed.

My toilet keeps running – is this a problem?

It is not so much a problem as an irritation because a leaky toilet means it is inefficient and incurs extra cost on your water bills. It usually means that a part of the mechanism on your toilet is not working properly and probably needs to be replaced. Call a plumber from FIXERON to inspect the problem and rectify it quickly.