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Silo Cleaning

We undertake the interior cleaning of external and internal silos. The cleaning of silos has tended to be put ‘at the back of the queue’ – put off until the necessity is overwhelming maybe due to infestation or blockage. The areas most affected by product build up and infestation is the roof, dead area and on the discharge, hopper sides and discharge vibrator unit areas. These problems are minimized by regular cleaning resulting in better hygiene and product flow. A regular schedule of silo cleaning on your site can be proposed or maybe just on a ‘as and when’ required basis.

Many customers are now requiring traceability of their products and are required to have a proven hygiene program in place. On completion of cleaning, a full detailed report of the condition, structural faults and any other findings is issued for each silo, if necessary, a certificate for each silo cleaned is also available, making these particularly useful for audit trails.

Our technologyAt FIXERON we use the only proven remote controlled silo/bin/hopper cleaning method that totally eliminates the need for man entry, the Roof and Wallmaster(c) in conjunction with the gyro whip, to remove blockages and build ups within the Silo. The Roof and Wallmaster’s(c) unique cleaning system enables the cleaning of all surfaces including the top 2.5 meters of the silo walls and internal silo roof which the gyro whip is unable to reach, in addition to the very bottom of any silo/bin or hopper, from coned to flat bottom.Whatever the project, the Roof and Wallmaster has no restrictions within any confined space. This method was demonstrated to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the very favorable results printed in various trade magazines worldwide.As well as whipping FIXERON offer to extract the material from the bottom of the silo. Our powerful DISAB vacuum tanker can tackle the hardest of jobs with the ability to both suck material from the silo and to blow it back into the system to save waste.

FIXERON a simple pricing system, which reduces the need for complicated analysis to calculate the final price of a job.There are no hidden costs. There is no charge for mobilization, no charge for lodging allowance and no overtime rate.Other than this Silo Cleaning Services charge one rate. This rate, which includes all consumable materials, is based upon a minimum of 10 hours work per day.Should any work continue into the weekend, providing the customer gives three full days’ notice, FIXERON will continue to charge the same hourly rate. There will be no overtime premium.If the customer requires, FIXERON is prepared to give a fixed rate for a fixed job of work. The rate will vary for each individual job and will require a written outline of the designated work.Individual rates can be quoted for general cleaning, whipping, ceiling cleaning or Vacuum extraction. However,FIXERON will quote on complete silo cleaning from whipping through to extraction and disposal at a fixed rate should the customer require.

External Silo Cleaning

Whether your silos are located within a factory or production environment or located externally, FIXERON can provide a solution for the high to low level cleaning of these valuable necessities.Silo’s located internally can be hand cleaned from top to bottom; dependent upon the environment these can also be fully sanitized to protect the safety and integrity of your products.Externally you silos can be cleaned using our high pressured steam machinery; this cleaning method ensures the best results and will keep the external areas of your production facility looking aesthetically pleasing.Silo Cleaning can be undertaken in conjunction with any of our External Building Cleaning services to ensure that the entire external areas of you factory, warehouse and business environment is visually appealing to both your staff, clients and the public

Production Line Cleaning Services

These days, most of the equipment used in production lines, from ovens to conveyors, to grinders, to slicers, contain a lot of computerized technology that requires cautious, yet thorough cleaning to keep things sanitary and running smoothly without risking damage to the sensitive nature of the equipment. Scheduling and paying to do your own cleaning are time-consuming and expensive, as it needs to be done outside of regular production hours. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see why choosing a professional commercial cleaning service is the key to maximizing the efficiency of your operations. FIXERON is the commercial cleaning standard for companies across Dubai. We take sanitation seriously, and are committed to providing thorough, professional cleaning services for every piece of equipment throughout your company’s entire manufacturing process. Our cleaning crew is extensively trained in proper cleaning procedures to minimize the risk of cross contamination without damage to your equipment. We are a certified Business Enterprise, with a management team trained in HACCP principles and the SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute) Program.

Full-Service Solutions for Industrial Sanitation

Big or small, FIXERON is your source for the entire range of sanitation and cleaning solutions for your manufacturing or food processing company. We offer convenient scheduling, competitive rates, and unmatched expertise. Some of our services include:

Dry Food Production Line CleaningWhen you manage a food production line, cleanliness is paramount to the success of your business. Without proper sanitation, the quality of your food products will degrade, and you risk losing customers. Not to mention, food production facilities are required to pass inspections and meet food safety requirements. Effective cleaning of food processing equipment reduces the opportunity for food contamination. Many companies have found it beneficial to hire a third-party company to complete this cleaning as they have the time and resources to do the job more thoroughly. At FIXERON, we can help improve food sanitation at your facility. Get in touch with our experienced team today to learn more. We have provided service for many major companies throughout the UAE.

Meat and Poultry Production Line CleaningEven if you remove loose debris and residues with water, the job is not complete. Fats and proteins leave sticky layers of residue on your machinery that must be removed to ensure complete sanitation. In addition to ensuring compliance with national and international regulations, proper cleaning and sanitation of your meat and poultry production and packaging lines helps to extend the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment, saving you money on costly repairs and hiccups in production. Such a fundamental task needs to be taken seriously and performed by capable experts in the sanitation field, and when you are looking for the best, look no further than the professionals at FIXERON.

FIXERON has been providing comprehensive sanitation cleaning services to businesses across the GCC for over 15 years, and we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the food production industry. In addition to receiving rigorous initial training, our workforce receives ongoing training to stay on top of the latest advancements in sanitation procedures and products, as well as ever-changing local laws and regulations. When you call FIXERON, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice in choosing a sanitation cleaning service with the experience, flexibility, and affordability you deserve.

Commercial Food Cleaning ServicesFood safety is of the highest importance, especially in manufacturing facilities that produce many products each day. One contaminated machine, a dirty work surface, or unsafe handling technique can potentially affect every person the compromised food comes into contact with. If this happens at your facility, you risk large recalls, loss of revenue, and possibly lawsuits from those affected by the contaminated food. Proper industrial cleaning techniques can prevent all these issues from occurring at your facility. At FIXERON, our team is fully trained at providing thorough cleaning of industrial food production equipment, as well as any work surfaces, floors, and walls in your facility. By cleaning every single component of the work area, we ensure all harmful particles and germs are eradicated and leave you to safe food production.