Stone Floor Technician

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Stone Floor Technician

Your exterior and interior needs to present the right function and right impression to your family, customers, and visitors so when your stonework or tiles look dirty, are scratched, or cracked; it’s time to take action! FIXERON can spruce up your tiling and stonework using specialist restorative and cleaning processes.All our stone technicians are highly trained individuals with years of unrivalled experience and able to identify and work with any stone or tile you have at your business premises.So, when you need your stonework or tiles cleaned, maintained, or restored, we are the number one Stone Technician service in Dubai.We guarantee a high standard and excellent customer service.

Skilled Stone Technicians

Stone restoration involves polishing, restoring worn stone and sometimes altering the stone’s surface to match a finish, so it can only be undertaken by experienced, skilled Stone Technicians who have the right tools and understand what is involved.Our stone technicians work on marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and other natural stone.Working on these stones requires special equipment to remove scratches, dirt, and other damage. FIXERON technicians use high-powered rotary machines that administer mechanical abrasions, honing and perfecting the top surface of stone.You can always rely on professional, prompt and courteous service from the FIXERON team of Stone Technicians.

Convenient Stone Restoration

When you call our customer service team for your stonework, we visit your premises to survey the area in question, understanding what your requirements are and we will explain the cleaning or restorative treatment process to you.It’s our Stone Technician’s job to diagnose and recommend the right restoration solution for your stones and tiles.They will also advise you on what finish to expect.Following the survey, FIXERON will provide you with a quote and a schedule of work plus a timescale so you know how long the job will take and this helps you to keep an eye on your budget.We will also keep you informed every step of the way, so you know what is going on.If required, we can conduct stone restoration out of business hours to suit you tominimize any disruption to your day.When undertaking stone and tile restoration or cleaning the FIXERON Stone Technicians use restoring applications including:

 Polishing Lippage Removal
 Honing Tile Replacement
 Tile Overlaying Marble Crystallization

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How often should I have my stone/tiled floors restored?

When you use a professional stone technician service you only need it carried out every 4 to 6 years.

My stone floor is quite close to a carpeted or wooden floor area – will this get damaged during the process?

Our stone technicians will protect surrounding areas from damage using special materials as the technique we use when restoring stone uses water and could damage wood or carpet.

How long does stonework take to complete?

Realistically, 300 sq foot takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

What finish should I expect?

After FIXERON has treated your stone or tiles you should expect them to look as good as new!