Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

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Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

In our upholstery cleaning service, we use a process known as hot water extraction and this is the way that most carpet cleaning and upholstery manufactures recommend. It is considered the very best way to clean most upholstery items. We only use the best upholstery cleaning products.If its fabric FIXERON can clean it!

How We Clean Your Upholstery

Starting with a pre-spray we apply to the area in need of cleaning. This is done with a high-pressure spray, and the mixture contains eco-friendly cleaning solutions that separate the dirt particles from fabric. The solution we use is friendly to the environment and contains no bleach or detergents. With this special formulation, we can clean sofas and chairs without leaving behind a sticky residue. That sticky reside causes the fabric to attract dirt, so we do all we can to avoid it.Then we agitate the pre-spray into the upholstery. We do not use any abrasive brushes or scrubbing tools in our cleaning services. This helps make the dirt and dust particles loose and easy to clean off. We leave the solution for about ten to thirty minutes and give it time to do its job properly.We finish off with hot water extraction rinse. This is accomplished with a powerful cleaning device that washes and the entire upholstery. After everything is washed, it takes anywhere from two to four hours to dry it properly.If there are any stains remaining, we will treat them with the appropriate stain removers, followed by another cleaning.

Flea Treatment Service

Fleas in your home are an almost unavoidable reality if you have pets in the home. The two go together whether we like them or not. You can perform all sorts of methods to keep your pets free from ticks and fleas. But you may not be able to stop the pests from entering your home. If that does happen, you do not need to panic.The best way to eliminate the fleas is to have your carpet and Upholstery thoroughly cleaned by a professional. At Fixeron, we offer the best in flea removal from Upholstery. We ensure a thorough cleaning via hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. After this we apply a layer of chemical to totally ensure elimination (environmentally Friendly Water Based Insecticide). If you want to make certain that your carpet is free of fleas and other pests. Other methods of cleaning your carpet are not likely to penetrate deep enough or clean every part of your carpet thoroughly. FIXERON guarantees 100% flea & larvae removal.

Stain Protection For Carpets & Upholstery

We understand how frustrating it can be to have your furniture cleaned professionally and then must deal with a new stain or spill on it only hours later. Everyone dreads that spilled drink on their newly cleaned carpet or sofa. Therefore, we recommend applying our stain protector to your carpet or upholstery just after we finish cleaning them.Your carpets and upholstery can benefit from professional stain protection. Here is how: Our stain protector will keep spills sitting near the surface rather than allowing them to sink onto the pile. That makes it simple to blot them up.This carpet protector is not able to block every stain or spill, but many of the most common spills are made far easier to clean up when it is applied. Anyone who has pets or children or who has a carpet placed in a high-traffic area will benefit tremendously from using our carpet protector. This application can prolong your sofa &carpet’s life, guarding againstpermanent stains and making sure your carpets stay beautiful. Our protector does more than just help your carpets resist stains. It can go farther than just stopping wet spills from becoming difficult stains. It also prevents dirt particles and debris from becoming trapped inside the fabricfibers. That eases your workload and makes it a simpler process to vacuum. You will also be able to get rid of more dirt and dust when you vacuum once the carpet protector is applied.

Hours to Suit You& Your Business

We can visit your premises and conduct upholstery & sofa cleaning outside of your business hours, overnight and even at weekends if you prefer.Because we use the best quality products, your upholstery & sofa will dry out within just a couple of hours.We use specialist industrial sized machinery to administer the product and we steam carpets, so it looks as good as new.Our products also disinfect and soften, restoring color.

Planned Scheduled Maintenance & Emergencies Covered

Our upholstery & sofa cleaning service is available on a fixed contract too so you can choose a monthly clean, fortnightly clean or even schedule weekly appointments.It is often less expensive to organize a planned scheduled maintenance contract with us.However, we also provide one-off carpet cleaning jobs and we can get someone out to you within 24 hours for emergency carpet cleaning too.Rely on FIXERON to provide you with high quality upholstery & sofa cleaning in Dubai, our team are all friendly, courteous, and reliable with extensive knowledge on how best to care for your carpets.You know you are always in competent hands with our service.

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