Waste Removal & Recycling

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Waste Removal & Recycling

FIXERON offers a huge variety of commercial services and one of them is managing all your waste and rubbish removal in an environmentally friendly manner.This means no matter what waste or how much rubbish you need removed from your premises in Dubai, we will be able to deal with all of it quickly, efficiently and without disrupting your working day.Our waste removal service includes recycling because we believe we need to protect the world that we live in.

One–Off Collections & Planned, Contracted Waste Removal

FIXERON can organize a one-off collection or we can prepare a contract for regular waste removal, saving you the hassle of waiting for council refuse and bin collection.It is widely known that businesses produce far more waste than domestic buildings so there is often a need for top-up collections.It is also far more hygienic to have regular waste collections because food and sanitary waste is a breeding ground for bacteria.When you run a busy business, you will always generate much more rubbish and waste than any home.Therefore so many businesses prefer to use us to remove it from their property and choose us instead of the local council waste removal services.

Service with A Smile

With FIXERON, you can always rely on service with a smile; we are friendly and courteous waste removal specialists and guarantee a reliable service.Additionally, we offer a 24 hour round the clock service which means that whenever you want to get rid of your rubbish.Of course, if you have emergency waste removal, we can usually provide you with a same day service, FIXERON is only a phone call away.

No Waste Removal Or Recycling Job Too Large Or Too Small

Our customer service team will organize and manage everything for you so that you are completely satisfied with our service.No job is too large or too small.We make sure that your business is free from rubbish and waste, so it looks clean and tidy, without unsightly rubbish build up.This makes sure that you make the right impression to all your customers and visitors.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are extremely competitive, and we only charge you for waste you want removed.There are no hidden charges and because we care for the environment, where we can, we guarantee to dispose of your rubbish using environmentally friendly methods.

Our Waste Removal and Recycling Service Covers:

 Disposal of Old Furniture General Rubbish Collection
 Disposal of Boxes of All Sizes Sanitary Waste Removal
 General Waste Removal

So, for fast, efficient and reliable waste removal, rely on FIXERON.We happily discuss what you want, give you a tailor-made extremely competitive quote and subject to your approval, we send round our reliable waste disposal team to get on with your job!

To find out more about Waste Removal & Recycling call FIXERON or drop us a line.


I have a very large amount of rubbish; can you provide a skip?

Yes, we can offer a skip for a competitive quote and we will organize fast delivery as well as emptying and removal when you no longer need it. 

What is a skip best used for?

It is best for any general waste except hazardous materials or contaminated materials such as asbestos, electrical goods, liquids, chemicals, or food waste. It is also ideal for large items or heavy goods. 

Can you dispose of hazardous materials?

Unfortunately, FIXERON will not dispose of hazardous materials including solvents and chemicals.

Please explain the difference between heavy waste and light waste?

Heavy waste includes brick, paving, tiles and as it sounds “heavy” waste. Light waste is general soiling, general everyday waste, and sanitary waste.