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Window Cleaning

Windows need to be cleaned regularly because dirt, debris and certain weather conditions make them appear cloudy and dirty.As part of your premises they are easily noticeable so if they do not look well-tended to, it can reflect on the impression you make to your family, customers and visitors.FIXERON are Dubai’s leading commercial window cleaners taking care of many properties and businesses’ windows in Dubai.We are always ready to take on your job, no matter how large or small and we can clean single story or multi-story establishments.In fact, our dedicated, experienced team of window cleaners are all Irata (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)level 3 trained abseilersso can cope with very large buildings.Additionally, we can use cradles and the systems we use include water-fed reach and washing.No matter what cleaning service you want, FIXERON can provide ad hoc window cleaning arrangements.We can set up a planned scheduled maintenance contract, so you do not have to worry about booking in your cleaning, we’ve already got it covered!

Tailor-Made Budget-Friendly Quotes

When you call our helpful customer services team, we will arrange for someone to visit your place of business and conduct a site survey.This helps us to give you a specific tailor-made quote to suit your budget which we guarantee will be very competitive.We can also guide you in how often you will need window cleaning and we can put a schedule into place which helps you to get on with your work without worrying about your windows!

The Best Window Cleaning Products

Bear in mind that we use the best in window cleaning technology.Our service stretches beyond just windows; we also clean up UPVC, facades, glass roofs, paneling and cladding.Don’t worry about the height of your building, where we can, we use traditional ladders, but we can even provide mobile elevated platforms or reach and wash equipment for certain buildings.For cleaning jobs on multi-story blocks, we sometimes use abseiling equipment.Our team are completely trained and insured, and all health and safety regulations are taken into consideration to get your job completed.Our staff are fully vetted and checked, trustworthy, reliable, and courteous – what you would expect from a reputable company such as ECMA.

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Do you clean windowsills and frames?

Yes – we clean all areas of your windows, including the surrounds and we make sure there are no smears or streaks! 

Do you clean internal windows?

Yes – please speak to one of our customer services team who will organize for one of our representatives to visit you and give you a quote for your interior window cleaning. 

What type of products do you use to clean windows?

Where possible, we use environmentally friendly products but rest-assured, all of our products are safe, and we don’t use ammonia or alcohol-based solutions. 

Do you clean windows in the rain?

We clean windows in light rain but if it is heavy then we will re-schedule our appointment with you because of health and safety. Additionally, we want you to be completely happy with the results so it is best to clean your windows in dry weather, although very light rain is acceptable.